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Elite Renegades Goalie Training Program

Renegades Elite Goalie Training Sessions

Are you ready to elevate your goaltending skills and take your game to the next level?

At Elite Renegades Goalie Training, we’re passionate about helping goalies of all levels refine their skills, build confidence, and achieve their full potential. Built for goaltenders ages 13-21, our co-ed goalie training sessions are designed to take your game to the next level and equip you with the tools you need to excel between the pipes.

What We Offer

At Elite Renegades Goalie Training, we understand that goaltending is an art, and to master it, one must continually work on your craft. Our comprehensive training program encompasses a wide range of applicable drills, ensuring you receive well-rounded training on all aspects of goaltending. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect during our goalie training sessions:

Skating/Edge Work

We help you improve your goalie skating techniques to move efficiently and swiftly in the cease. Our drills enhance your foot speed, agility and balance with advanced edge work exercises that ensures you are ready to make the next save. Hone your lateral quickness and agility to get across the crease faster!


Our program will help you master the art of positioning, so you’re always in the right spot to make the save. We teach when and how to cut down the shooter’s angle and provide our students with the  knowledge and skills needed to control their depth within the crease effectively. We help goalies develop techniques to stay a square to the shooter, adjust body alignment and glove positioning. Our instructors will also help with rebound control and teach how to direct pucks into safe areas.

Battling/Save Recovery

Goaltending is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. We understand how goalies think. We will help our students gain the confidence they need to excel in high-pressure situations and scramble scenarios. Our approach focuses on developing the mental and physical toughness needed to battle for pucks in the crease. We also work on enhancing your recovery skills after making a save, ensuring you’re ready for the next shot.

Puck Handling

Every goalie should be able to handle the puck. We have specific drills that help elevate a goalie’s ability to handle the puck while improving your decision-making skills.

Our Coaches

Your journey to goaltending excellence is guided by the experienced and dedicated hands of our goaltending coaches, Albert Parente and Alex Lepore. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for the game, they will provide you with personalized coaching and expert insights to help you reach your full potential.

Whether you’re a junior hockey player  looking to refine your abilities or a young player eager to develop your skills from the ground up, our training sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Don’t let your dreams of becoming an elite goalie remain on ice!

Renegades Elite Goaltending




Saturday, April 20th


York Canlan


Alex Lepore (OHL Drafted, Goalie Coach)
Albert Parente (Elite Renegades Coach)


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Darryl Lloyd, Head Coach

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