GMHL’s Player Rankings for January 2022

GMHL’s Player Rankings for January 2022 1920 1000 North York Renegades Hockey
GMHL Player Rankings

GMHL’s Player Rankings for January 2022

The Greater Metro Junior ‘A’ Hockey League has released it’s player power rankings for January of 2022

Players, parents and fans will be able to see the ranking list that will consist of the top 5 GMHL prospect goalies and the top 20 GMHL prospect players from the North & South divisions as well as top 3 prospect goalies and top 10 prospect players from the GMHL Western Division.

Congratulations to several of our North York Renegades players that made the 2021/22 GMHL Player Rankings list this month!


1 Nicholas Lewicky, North York Renegades 💥
2 Zack Smirniw, Durham Roadrunners
3 Marek Pavlas, St. George Ravens
4 Rahul Bola, Plattsville Lakers
5 Garin Janiuk, North York Renegades💥


1 F Kory Silverio, Windsor Aces
2 F Santino Foti, North York Renegades💥
3 F Michael Marchesan, St. George Ravens
4 F Brodie Thoms, St. George Ravens
5 F Dante Massi, Niagara Predators
6 D Christian Bascio, North York Renegades💥
7 F Evan Ferguson, Windsor Aces
8 F Kevin Serio, Durham Roadrunners
9 F Nicholas Messier, St. George Ravens
10 F Jesper Eriksson, Niagara Predators
11 F Malcolm Campbell, Plattsville Lakers
12 F Thomas Murphy, Northumberland Stars
13 F Alexander Andrews, Tottenham Thunder
14 D Pontus Madsen, Niagara Predators
15 F Patrick Polaczek, Streetsville Flyers
16 D Bo Stevenson, Northumberland Stars
17 F Christian D’Amico, North York Renegades💥
18 F Gianfranco Commisso, Plattsville Lakers
19 F Mikael Simon-Serroul, Durham Roadrunners
20 F Eric Kofman, Northumberland Stars

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